Search bar confusion


Being learning retool for the last few weeks but I’m left confused. After finally understanding how to make a search box for my table I seem to hit a brick wall.

I’ve tried using my mongodb to make a search bar for a table in my app. I don’t know if my database information isn’t set correctly but I can’t get the query correct.


I moved to using googlesheets and proceeded to try this way.

The query shows it’s working - showing the search criteria and row correctly but; the table it self doesn’t filter.

Tutorials I have watched shows that soon as I search or type in the search bar the result should be filtered out and the only data showing.

Am I correct here or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Sielski !

Welcome to the community!

Would you mind sharing a couple screenshots on your set up?

If not - here are a couple things that could be going wrong:

  • You haven't updated your table to reference your new query JSON with SQL query
  • You aren't running your query JSON with SQL on search change
  • You are referencing the wrong dataset in your query JSON with SQL query or don't include a clause to filter the google sheet query

Hope these get you off on the right foot :slight_smile:

Hi Joey,
I am running with query JSON with SQL on my search engine
The dataset referenced in the search is correct {{ }}

Pls, how do you suggest the table can be updated to reference my new JSON with SQL query?

Hey @Chilaka, welcome to the community :hugs:

Could you share some info about your setup? maybe a couple screenshots?

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The google sheet is the data source
searchloanid and searchName are queries for the filter circled above

But when I input values in the filter, the rows don't come up

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Hey @Chilaka
For this, you would have to format your query data into an array first.
In the main(parent) query Add a transformer to serialize your response data into an array.
It will solve your issue.

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I added this in the transformer of the main query

the text filter did not improve

Hi @Chilaka

With the transformer, does readQuery return an array of objects? That is the format we need.

Can you share a screenshot of the response from readQuery in the left panel (expanded out to see the data). It should look something like this:

Another thing that might be helpful to test, is removing the where clause. Do the Query JSON with SQL queries work if you only query select * from {{}} ?

If that is the case, we may need to check the where clause syntax or data type

I'm linking our docs for this query type as well!

Hi @Tess Thanks for your response.
I could not complete the other project due to this. But I have another one and it requires the same process

Here, I queried JSON with SQL (removing the where clause), and the query ran successfully returning arrays

But when I add the filter where campaign ilike {{'%' + textInput1.value + '%'}} , the values I input in the textinput does not take effect
NB: campaign is the second column in the table

Hi @Tess I have spotted my error, thanks. When I checked the JSON values in the array after putting the where clause, I realized it had the impact I wanted

So the solution was I just needed a component to help me visualize the result. Thanks again

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Oh, nice! :tada: Glad it's solved! Thanks for letting us know

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