Can I dynamic filter (hide/show) rows in a table?

Hi, is there a way to dynamic filter the visible rows in a table without having to retrieve data again?
I’m looking for a way to show and hide rows in the table, based on selection from different multiSelectLists without having to retrieve data again.

Hi @Helle! Welcome to the forum ! :sunglasses:

I think the best option here is to use a Query JSON with SQL query. Here's a quick example of Query JSON with SQL being used with to add a search field to Google Sheets data, but can be applied generally.

  1. Query unfiltered data from data source, most likely on page load
  2. Create a Query JSON with SQL:

In here, we select all of our unfiltered data (step 1), and then add a where clause from a text input which matches to a field in our data (author in this case). We also need to set it to 'Run automatically when inputs change'.

  1. We then set our table data to be the result of our Query JSON with SQL (step 2):

Typing into the text input will trigger our query and filter the data in the table. This is definitely a basic example, and you could add other Retool components to be included in the filtering query.


Thank you very much :smile:
I could use a Query JSON and then filter data in the transformer.

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Thanks for this hint. But I've been faced with the wrong display data in the table - it looks like data pivoted and each row was a data column in the source dataset.
Is there any way to show it correctly?

Hi there! Could you try changing your data source from {{}} into {{formatDataAsArray(}}?
This query type works best with arrays of objects, rather than objects of arrays which is how SQL queries return data in Retool!

Hi, I was able to set up the Query JSON with SQL query and the Preview shows the data in a table just like I wanted it, filtering properly. However when I set that as the data source for a table in my app, it shows no data. The Run button on the editor shows the second screen shot (not in table format).

I tried to switch to {{formatDataAsArray(}} but then both the Preview and the Run data disappears with no error messages. My original data came as a json from an API but it considered an object in Retool.

Hi @mups11! To make sure I'm following, your current issue is that showing {{ }} isn't populating your table? Would you mind sharing a screenshot of that query in the left panel? As a quick note, tables accept arrays of objects or objects of arrays in the data field!