Scrolling issues on number inputs


Per this post (Disable scrolling increment/decrement for "number" type Text components) the number input value should not change when the cursor is scrolled while the element is focused. This was highlighted as a big usability issue from our users and unfortunately we are still experiencing it despite the above post indicating the functionality should be disabled.

Here is screen recording highlighting what is happening: Retool input number scrolling issue - YouTube

@victoria Let me know if you need any more info here! Thank you!

Hi there! Thanks for reaching out about this. I was able to repro, so I shared with the components team and created a bug report for this.

If this is a blocker for you or anyone else in the community, it looks like you may be able to work around this by using the deprecated text input component (with number type input)

You can just search "input" in the components list and it'll appear at the bottom if you have them enabled (admins can enable deprecated components by going to Settings > Beta > and enable Deprecated Components)

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@Tess Thank you for the update! Its not a blocker at the moment but definitely something that is a priority for us – do you have a sense of timeframe for fixing the component?

I don't have a timeframe quite yet, but I'll post here with any updates I get from engineering!

Thanks very much, please keep me posted!

Hi @Tess I'm wondering if there's been any updates on this issue as our users are still having trouble with it. Thank you!

Hi @r0meboards, stepping in for Tess here :slight_smile: We passed your feedback to the team that owns this and it sounds like we actually added this behavior intentionally as a new way of updating the value of number inputs. This follows standard best practices for numeric inputs on the web, including the native <input type=number>

behavior, but we still might look into adding a setting for this. I'll post any updates in this thread, but this likely won't happen any time soon, to be transparent :cry:

Hi @victoria , thanks for the response. This continues to be a significant usability issue as our users are repeatedly entering the wrong numbers into their inputs due to inadvertent scrolling. Its also slightly confusing that this used to be disabled in Retool (see this thread) but now its being added again. At the minimum I would expect a setting to be able to disable it.

Again, I'm pressing this issue as it's actively causing usability issues on our end. Thank you!

Thank you very much for sharing that context (always appreciated), just bumped internally! :slight_smile:

Good news :slight_smile: A fix was merged for this! Just waiting for it to land in our next deploy :rocket:

Thank you all for your patience here!

Have been eagerly awaiting this! Thanks @victoria. Clarifying — will this also disable incrementation when scrolling while the field is in focus (ie, the cursor is in the field flashing), or only when the field is not in focus?

Scrolling is now only enabled when the field is in focus (the cursor in the field is flashing)!