Number Input Component not reacting to "on change" instantly (only after clicking outside)

Hi guys,

I found a bug, that the Number Input Component is not reacting to the OnChange Method instandly, but reather only after you click outside the window.
For the Text Input Component (and many others) this also works if you make changes without clicking outside the window after you changed the value.


Made Changes (nothing happend):

Clicking outside:

Thank you.


When using the stepper buttons, it works....but I can repeat the problem

Hey Justin! I can't seem to reproduce :thinking: I tried by clicking the arrow buttons and also using my arrow keys. Any tips to try reproducing the issue?
Nov-07-2023 15-20-28

Hi Victoria,

you can reproduce the issue, when you DO NOT USE the stepper button or arrow keys.
If you just change the value by entering the number via the keyboard, that the onChange Method does not work.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Got it! Thank you, Justin. Will keep you updated on a fix :+1:

Any update on this? It still seems broken (no change event is triggered until you click outside of the number input field).

Thanks for checking in! This is still in our queue to be fixed :disappointed:

If it's a blocker, you could spin up your own custom React component in the meantime