Salesforce Integration - Any limitations?

We're looking to expand our integration Retool with Salesforce, from reading and displaying data (via an internally built API), to updating, and limited creation of Salesforce data, from Retool.

Specifically we would like to

  • Create Tasks (possibly emails, contacts, and other "small" items
  • Update a few select fields, like dates, statuses, etc.

Assuming that any Salesforce security restrictions allow this, could anyone confirm if they have been able to do this, and if yes if they have any tips, tricks, or recommendations.

Many thanks,

Hey jonj,

From my limited experience we've been able to pull pretty much majority of what we need from salesforce and make it look exactly the same if not better (filters/pivots/charting/filtering) while having all the reporting we need in one place.

There are few caveats with some custom integrations but could be worked around. Additionally, limitation of 2 semi join sub-selects gets annoying at time but that's from SF's end so I end up building different queries and combining the data with "Query JSON with SQL".

I've had no issues pushing changes back to SF but I cannot attest to creating tasks/events as I haven't extensively worked on that part.

Hope this helps!

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That's really encouraging and sounds very positive, thank you Stefan! We also really like being able to pick the data the team needs to see and structuring the look in an easier to read way.

Are you using Retool's Salesforce connection to do all this?

Affirmative, we're using the Retool integration, to add on top what I've said we use workflows to automate some processes and keep SF up-to-date and so far I've haven't seen any major roadblocks :slight_smile:

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Excellent. Thanks Stefan!!