S3 Uploader Component Not Available

As of half an hour ago, the S3 Uploader component is no longer available under Components.

Here is a screenshot from earlier today...
Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 8.51.46 PM

And here it is as of now...
Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 8.57.29 PM

I'm on a Team Plan. I tried refreshing and logging out and back in... Where did the uploader go?

Separately but related, I came across another peculiarity. Elsewhere in the application, the S3 file uploader is listed as "Deprecated". True? I cannot find anything about it anywhere in the documentation...
Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 8.58.25 PM

Thank you for looking into this.

Hi @dlyakovetsky!

The S3 Uploader component is considered a legacy component, and we are in the process of deprecating some of our legacy components. The newer File Upload, File Button, and File Dropzone components supersede the S3 Uploader component with more functionality and better styling controls. Since these are generic upload components, it does require some configuration to hook up to your S3 bucket (namely, creating a query using your S3 resource and setting it up to read the data from the upload widget).

However, we understand that you may rely on the legacy component and may want to continue using it -- in which case, you can bring back deprecated components by toggling a setting. Click on your user icon on the top right from the app listing page, click "Settings", click "Beta" (https://[your-subdomain].retool.com/settings/beta), and toggle on the "Deprecated components" setting.



David, thank you for the quick reply.

I must have missed a note on this component being deprecated and when I searched the docs and the community forum I couldn't find anything on this neither.

Perhaps this very post will serve as a discoverable note for others that S3 Uploader component is deprecated.