Rows expanding/collapsing after bulk insert

Another thing I noticed is that when I run the query for my data set after a bulkInsert, the rows will automatically collapse or expand depending on whether "expand groups by default" is set to true or not. This makes it difficult for users who may be implementing several changes as the whole table may collapse, interrupting the actions .

Not sure what the ideal solution for this would be, but I'm also thinking that the actions at the query level could also have collapse/expand rows?

Hi @MiguelOrtiz just want to make sure I'm following your request. Are you looking to preserve the expanded or closed groups between query runs? There are some newly added methods for expanding and collapsing rows with the expandable rows feature, but the grouped rows feature would be different

Hi Tess,

Yes you are right and apologies for mixing both things up in the other ticket. Correct, when I have a grouped table and a query runs the underlying data set, it will expand/close all groups in the table based on the default settings.


Np! I keep mixing them up so trying to differentiate between the two features :smile:

It makes sense that you'd want to preserve the way the table looks between updates. I'm also not sure how we'll solve for this - maybe an api to control which groups are expanded, but I'll share this feedback with the table team.

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Thank you Tess! I'm sure the team will find a good solution.