RetoolDB connection to AWS Quicksight

The addition of that feature to your core product offering make Retool a really appealing solution to smaller businesses which may want to use Retool for the data input / manipulation, but rely on more traditional BI solutions for their analysis / display of the data.

I’m talking to one of such clients who is using AWS Quicksight as their BI platform and they are evaluating whether Retool fits their needs and wants from a data input / manipulation platform to build their internal apps on.

Unfortunately Quicksight doesn’t like the SCRAM-SHA-256 password encryption you guys use. A different way of saying is that AWS is using an ancient Postgres driver which doesn't support SCRAM encryption. In AWS blogs it's suggested to either downgrade the database to an older engine or to add a parameter group to the DB that encrypts the passwords using md5 instead of SCRAM [1]. Said workaround doesn't really lends itself to being implemented because there's no way a user can add such parameter group themselves.

Any thoughts on this? Has anyone managed to successfully connect AWS Quicksight to the Retool Database? Unfortunately QS doesn't support connecting via an SSH bastion, otherwise that's what i'd do.


[1] Resolving the 'Authentication Type 10 Not Supported' Error for Amazon QuickSight and Amazon RDS