Retool with China

Hello there, I am building the web app having usages of resources for database connections like Google BigQuery, Weld and Shopify. Mine target users are across the glob including the China. So mine query is does there will be any restrictions or errors China user may face during usage of Retool. I may use the Google BigQuery resource and as far as I know Google is banned in China.

Reply me ASAP,so I can think accordingly.

@retool_team @jmann

Hello Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I'm reaching out to follow up on this topic/ticket which I submitted three days ago. As I haven't received a response yet, I wanted to bring this to your attention once again.

The issue/query is regarding services and usability of retool in china. It's important that this is addressed promptly due to currently I am starting to developing mine app.

I would appreciate it if you could prioritize reviewing and responding to my ticket at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for your assistance.

Hello @paulsamba21 :wave:

Due to regional internet policies, users in other countries like China may face limitations while accessing resources like BigQuery as you mentioned before. I would advise you to research the limitation for every country or region you plan to have users visiting your site from.