Retool ui changes are not been reflected in commit message of git repository

As per the above subject we are creating few dashboards and also we are making some changes in the ui. But we are not able to get the see the changes made in ui as code in the git repository which we have been attached to the retool. So that all the code changes made through ui can be reflected as code in git repository.

Hey @Pavan_Kumar!

Would you mind sharing more about the UI changes you're referring to and how you'd like them to show up in the commit? I know that having better support for layout changes between commits is something that's on the dev team's mind though there isn't a specific timeline for it.

At the moment position changes should be reflected in the yaml for each individual component:

And you should be able to customize the description when committing a change. App-level CSS should also show up in the code though organization-level CSS isn't supported yet.

Curious to know more about what you're looking to do.