Handling Database Column Name Changes in Retool

I recently made changes to my retool build-in database schema, specifically renaming some columns. I'm using these columns in my Retool app through various queries and components. After making these changes, I noticed that the values did not automatically update within my Retool application.

Could anyone guide me on how to efficiently manage such schema changes? Specifically:

  • Do I need to manually update all references of this column name within my queries and UI components?
  • Is there a best practice or tool available within Retool that can help streamline this process?

Any advice or insights from those who have navigated similar situations would be greatly appreciated!

Hey @tomatojuicepieclover, that's a great question!

You will need to update any hard-coded references to the column names that you have changed with any queries or components. Be sure to update the queries you are using as a source for you components. I recommend going through those first.

In terms of best practices, I would advise trying to make your data sources as dynamic as possible and to try to avoid hard-coding anything that may need to be changed down the road. :slightly_smiling_face: