Retool storage pricing after 5gb? oh and how to do backups?

Hello! I have an app that I might deploy soon that I think could (within a 6-12 months) exceed 5GB of storage. What does pricing look like when that happens? I think the team tier (or maybe even Business tier is OK), but they're both seem to cap at 5GB worth of storage? Is this 5gb a month or total?

Also, is there anyway to setup backups of the uploaded files? I bet retool itself has some backups, but it might be nice to get some additional redundancy. Thanks!

We don't yet have a pricing plan beyond 5Gb and we can bump up your limit manually for free for now if we don't have a pricing update here before the 6-12 month mark, so let us know when you are close to the limit!

Retool Storage files are stored on S3 so it comes with the same guarantees on backups/redundancy i.e. Amazon S3 stores three copies of each file in physically separate data centers within an AWS Availability Zone. We currently have no plans of supporting backups but I am curious what functionality you'd like!

Hello @himanshu, is there a way to access Retool Storage files externally? It would be great if I can access my files via any ftp client and make my own copy/backup. Honestly, my only fear about Retool Storage is that I can't take my own backups.

Hi @edurmush, if you are using Retool Storage, you can interact with your files within Retool. However, you cannot access externally via a FTP. The best way to have full access, and be able to make your own backup, is by setting up your own S3 bucket and connecting it to Retool. The trade off is that there might be fees from Amazon services. Through Retool, storage is free up to 5GB. :money_mouth_face:

You can write a retool workflow, or js script on an app to push files to loop through all your files and persist them wherever you wish to back them up eg. S3 etc. We are also working on adding support for public URLs which I expect to be released in 2-3 weeks, which might assist you with that though you can already send this state anyway (even without URLs). We don't have an FTP resource on Retool so you might have to handle writing to FTP outside of Retool (not an expert on FTP though). Let me know if that makes sense!

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@Paulo, @himanshu Thank you both for your explanations.
Your answers were descriptive enough.

You are welcome! :slightly_smiling_face: