Retool status monitor

my end users experience sluggishness some days. It would be helpful if you added to some metrics which let us know when system problems are occurring.

Is anything occurring today which could account for this?

we are using the version hosted by retool

Thanks to @ScottR for his insight. We have whitelisted our ip addresss. If Retool thinks this could nevertheless account for the sluggishness I would love to hear

Yes Retool is still rolling out IP address changes at the address you noted above and more info here:

Hey @lee_walter!

At first glance, I'm not seeing anything in the past couple days that would account for sluggishness. The IP change is primarily an issue if the news IPs have not been whitelisted for resources that require them to be, at which point it's possible that queries can fail. If your queries are all working that should indicate you were successfully switched over.

If you were experiencing sluggishness earlier could you share when it was and if it was with any resource or app in particular? That might help identify what happened.