Retool List Apps and Resources (Question)

Hi there!

I was wondering if it would be possible to create a query or access information on how many apps and titles exist in a certain workspace, for example.

As we have 3 projects in the development phase plus tests in different scenarios, for example, integrations with WordPress + MongoDB + Retool, we need to expand the number of apps, even if it is in a temporary way.

I've been using Retool for 2 months now, and during the first week, I tested all the components and all the templates. I think I did it in less than 3 days and then I started the process of filtering and creating the solutions in the new environment.

Today I decided to create an app to guide my partner/full-stack dev/big friend (the only one with access for now) with a kind of Grid/Showcase of the apps and what we will find in each scenario.

I've looked through the documentation and it seems the only solution would be self-hosted (I need to see the link again where I found this comment).

So if there is any way to access the titles + id's of the apps, please let me know, it would be great for our current moment of growth + new staff members joining.

*Obs: The "non-dynamic" way I have already created is to create an app with a JSON form that creates data (from the apps) and inserts it into a specific table and then I can display it in this dash.

Hey @wpraiz_staff!

As you mentioned, folks who self-host Retool can access their storage database which contains app and resource information. For Cloud users, the dev team is working on building out a Retool API. It's only in alpha right now and doesn't yet have information on apps but it's a good place to check back on!

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Thanks a lot @Kabirdas !