Can I create/publish retool releases via a Retool API?

I need to manage the App versions and releases using my pipeline. Can I create/publish retool releases via a Retool API?

Hi @erickalmeidaptc, this is currently not possible but we found an existing internal FR for this. We added your use case and +1 to it. :slightly_smiling_face:

On the meantime, here are all of our API endpoints:

Hi @Paulo is it possible to share the FR link?
Also, is there any way to list all the Apps and current releases from Retool? Can be via API or any other way (DB query) for instance.

The internal FR is in a system we use within Retool to track bugs, feedback, and feature requests. There was not public one I could link you to because it was solicited by one of our customers via email, and we cannot share that private thread. However, this topic you created is now the public feature request and we'll leave it open to collect +1s from other users on the forum.

Using the API, you can get the list of apps but it won't show the current release version. Here is an example of the response with one app:

I haven't found a way to do this querying the internal database on Self-hosted but there might be a way. I'm doing more testing, I'll update you here with my findings.

Here is how we query our internal db for for app versions on Self-hosted Retool:

The table we want to query is tags

Here is the schema of that table:

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HI @Paulo do I have access to this database on my self-hosted instance?
What kind of resource do I need to create to start querying into the internal database and be able to create a Workflow exposing this data?

I created that resource on my end to be able to query it from an app. We should be able to get the necessary data to connect to our internal db as a resource from the 'docker.env' file: