Retool Email Send Unstable When Referencing Items Within Tables

Getting constant failures of Retool Email when I'm referencing values within a table.

I duplicated a working 'send email' query and the only difference is the values of the subject line pull from a table instead of input component values.

The string from the table builds fine, but the email send fails repeatedly. If I delete everything form the subject line except the text "[Project Won]," it sends fine.

Note that I don't have any steps that are clearing the selected row within the table - this is just a simple select row in table and test send the email.

It doesn't look like there are any error outputs in Retool Email to define what's erroring out, but is there something I'm missing here? It seems like it was working fine last month and now it became unstable.

If I cut the code down to just [Project Won] {{ pendingProposalsTable.selectedSourceRow.project }} it also works. Anything more and it fails repeatedly.

Any ideas?

Hey @nickroz1,

You mentioned this was working before, do you know when it stopped working? Would you mind sending me a JSON export of your app so I can take a look at the behavior?