Retool Database: Can't have fields that are arrays?

I am using the Retool Postgres Database, but I don't seem to be able to set any of my fields as an array of the types offered. (I need one of my fields to be an array of text.) Is this feature missing in the Retool databases? Or am I just misunderstanding how to implement it.
Thanks in advance for the help.

Some more specifics and further oddities --
When I try to enter array type data into the 'text' field i.e. {home, office, other} and then attempt to select from the data with SQL, I get this error:
ERROR: cannot subscript type text because it does not support subscripting

However -- I used an external tool connected to my Retool PostGres database (Navicat). In Navicat, I attempted to change the field type to a text array i.e. text[]. It seemed in Navicat that the change didn't work. (It simply registers as "text" again.) But, when I go back to my table in Retool, the type (which used to be "text") is now "BOOL". And now, I can use the SQL query to retrieve elements from my array -- both in Navicat and in Retool Workflow. For example: "SELECT address_array[1] FROM tbl_cust_details;" returns the correct result, as if an array is being processed properly.
Is this expected behavior? Bugs?
Perhaps the Database isn't really ready for real use?

Here is the display from the field. Notice the "BOOL"

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Hey @warlock - Retool DB doesn't yet support arrays, just added you to the request to bake those in!

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is there an ETA for this?

We don't have an ETA on our side with other development priorities at the moment, but this should really only be a limitation on creating new array columns in the UI. It is still just a Postgres DB behind the scenes, so you can always manually add array columns with something like ALTER TABLE table_name ADD COLUMN column_name text[]; and use the columns however you need in your apps. It also looks like once created, we still load the JSON editor in the UI which seems to function correctly with those data types.

thanks, given it's a new project we just switched to the json datatype. thanks for the update