Retool connecting to Databricks SQL Endpoint


Is it possible to connect Retool to a Databricks SQL Endpoint (running on Azure)?

I can't find anything in the docs or online so thought I'd ask the community :slight_smile:


Hi @mkeywood!

We don't have a native integration with Databricks today; however, you should be able to connect to the Databricks API using our generic REST API resource.

For connecting to Azure directly, Retool can connect to Azure via our S3 resource!

Let me know if you have any questions at all.

Thanks @victoria .

Hi @victoria any plans on integration with databricsk or at least supporting JDBC/ODBC connectors?

Hi @Ekaterina! This isn't currently on the roadmap, but noted for future plans :blush:

Thank you for information. It's really creating us an issue. Would be greta if it can be considered.

Hi @victoria,

We are also looking for connecting to Databricks SQL Endpoint from Retool. Databricks supports both JDBC and ODBC Connections.

Please let me know if the feature is on your roadmap now.


Hey @Omesh! This should be doable via our generic REST API resource using the Databricks API. As for a native connector, we have an open feature request for this.

Feel free to add your +1 there to help us prioritize the request!