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Hey Everyone,
my company is interested in using Retool, and just had an introductory demo. I was not able to get every question answered, so I'm hoping some community members can help! We are a databricks/azure company and are trying to build an interface that allows for interaction with delta tables and notebooks. We were shown how you can interact with delta tables, but not notebooks. Here are my 2 questions:

  1. Can i write a complex python notebook in a databricks notebook and have some retool trigger cause it to run? Or is there another workaround for complex data manipulations that need to be done during a user's journey throughout our app?
  2. The documentation I saw about API Key is pretty bare. Can anyone provide more exact direction on what exactly the databricks API Key is? There are many different authentication methods/keys/tokens in databricks, so figuring out exactly how to connect is a bit more complicated than the documentation suggests

Thanks all!

Hey Eric!

Thanks for joining office hours!

  1. It looks like the REST API integration is your best bet here. I also found a similar question here :crossed_fingers: hope it helps
  2. There should be a personal access token that you can fill in for the api key field; Note, for anyone following along, if you use the auto fill option, it may fill in a default password in the API Key section so you'd need to replace that with your personal access token

Please let me know if you are still running into blockers with getting connected to Databricks :blush:

Also, not sure if you've taken a look already, but we have a Workflows product that can be helpful for running Python & complex data manipulations. You can trigger Retool workflows from an app

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