Retool component tree loading forever

Hi Retool team,

Today, when i opened my app on Retool, it's white page. I saw that component tree didn't show in main Frames.
Please help me, how to fix that?
Thank you.

Hi @Tan_Tran Thanks for reaching out! This definitely looks strange :thinking: Are there any browser console errors? Are you using the releases feature?

It might be worth stepping back in the app history to see if a past version is working better. Could you try using the ?_historyOffset=1 parameter at the end of your URL in edit mode? This will allow you to "travel back in time" 1 step. You can increase the number to go further back in time if you still don't see any app data. The idea here is to go back to the most recent working version so you don't have to redo as much work (going back 1000 steps would likely show data, but you would lose a lot of work).

WARNING! If you make any changes to the canvas when traveling back in time, that past version will become your present version and it messes with the history, so be careful not to touch anything! Once you find a version that isn't blank and you'd like to make that your present version, then you can make an edit to the canvas (move a component, add a component, etc) to persist that view.

Hi Tess, we're also having this problem across all our apps.

Since last week they've all just been showing blank screens. This happens across different browsers and isn't fixed by any amount of history offset. Components just don't show at all and even newly added components don't show. It's the same in and out of edit mode.

Very strange :thinking: thank you for chiming in! Any browser console errors or warnings? Any chance you can share an export of one of your apps? @allie_ldt is your team on a Cloud or on-premise plan (if on-premise, what version)? Thanks!

Hi Tess, thanks for getting back to me!

I tried exporting a few different apps but it just downloads an empty json file.

When opening up an app I get a couple of intercom authentication errors but nothing that seems related to the app itself.

We're on-premise, I'm just trying to check what version.

Thanks the version number is definitely helpful. Also, can you check whether there are any errors in the container logs?

We seem to be on 2.99.7

I can't see any container log errors but we have been getting some pretty crazy CPU spikes

Thanks! 2.99 is technically a legacy version (more info here), so once we sort out the issue you're running into, I would recommend upgrading

How much CPU and memory do you have allocated to the jobs runner?

When you open any of the apps, are there any queries failing on the network tab of your browser console?

The only query I can see failing is one to /sandbox.{{id}}.js which fails with no response on all of the apps.

Will look into CPU and memory allocation

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Our CPU/memory allocations look standard and we've not made changes to this area in months so I'd doubt it would be behind all our apps flatlining at the same time.

Have any of your engineers been able to look into this? We're still unable to use any apps and haven't been able to for over a week. Let me know if there's any further information I can provide. Appreciate your help!

Thanks for the update! Does it exceed the minimum requirements as described here? How does your team have Retool deployed (EC2 instance, for example)?

It's strange that the export is empty :thinking: Did you try clicking the three dots button next to the app from the Apps list on the home page & selecting export to JSON?

Is there any custom css or preloaded js in the org under Settings->Advanced? If so, could you try temporarily commenting it out to see if that makes a difference.

Have you tested in a private/incognito window? Very occasionally, certain browser extensions can mess with the app UI

Just to confirm, you are only using your Retool license key for a single instance of Retool?

It's a bit tricky to troubleshoot without a way to reproduce it on our side :disappointed: but I will keep you posted if we have any other questions or updates from our side

We're seeing this issue now too. Component loading is on a 60-120 second delay. Once components do load, it's 50/50 whether the app functions normally or fails in idiosyncratic ways.

We've had delays in loading the component tree randomly over the past two weeks as well. Never as bad as today though.

Interesting - thank you for chiming in @jericsinger Any chance you can share a screen recording & app export? It looks like you're on Cloud, which is a on different version of Retool than Allie's account, but we updated Cloud yesterday, so it's possible this behavior is related to a recent update

Yep, the CPU/memory allocations meet the minimum requirements. We deploy on ECS.

We have no preloaded js and I tried commenting out our custom css but no fixes there. I also tried in incognito but still got the same blank screens across the board.

And yep we only have the single instance of Retool.

Having a poke around in dev tools, I do see these warnings:

[locator-js] React instance (react-dom v17.0.0) is not supported

[locatorjs]: Unsupported React renderer, only bundle type 1 (development) is supported but 0 (production) is found

I also see a lot of 'Could not extract resource form name from file' logs and '[DBG] Load resourceForm undefined'

Hi @allie_ldt

Do you have specifics on the CPU/memory allocations for your instance? I can run it past my team. It sounds like even though we have minimum requirements, some orgs may need to allocate more than the minimum. Has your team tried restarting the containers? If not, I'd definitely recommend restarting them as a next step. CPU spikes could be normal on start up, but should die down after that. Are you still seeing the CPU spikes (when is it occurring)? One option could be to try to increase allocations and see if you can at least get access to your apps.

Are you using the locator js Chrome extension? If so, I'd try disabling it (although it should get disabled when you test in incognito :thinking:)

For reproducing on our side, it would be helpful to either have a timeline of events - for example, upgrading to 2.99 and then seeing issues (or adding a library, etc) or a json export of one of the apps that we can try importing into our instances.

@jericsinger thanks for the recording! Are you able to share an export as well? (Three dots button in the top right corner of app editor->Export app as json)