Retool Build Along

Hey all,

Thanks so much for attending our Build Along! You can catch the full recording on YouTube.

Feel free to play around with our sample apps to inspire your own projects (Retool Eats, Bugtool).

If you're interested in our custom components beta, you can sign up on our Retool Form.

As an update for features demos, these features are fully available on cloud and on-premise today: Table: Expandable Rows, Progress column format; new UI patterns: Drawers, Modals; styling controls: margin, padding, "expand content to fit."

These features are in Beta, rolling out to cloud now and on-premise in the next few versions: App level themes, Typography, Custom Components; New repeatables: Lists, Grids; New components: Key Value, Phone Number Input; More Table column formats: Button, Phone Number.

For self-hosted, features demoed are in the following releases:

  • expandable rows: 3.18
  • progress format: 3.6
  • expand content to fit: 3.14
  • margin & padding controls: 3.8
  • modals: 3.20
  • drawers: 3.12
  • key value v2: 3.24 (future release)

-Matt, Product Manager at Retool


Hello! It was absolutely great but I have a question. When will the updated List View be available for the cloud hosted Retool?

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It's in the process of rolling out now and should be fully rolled out over the coming week


Great job. Thank you

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This was a great video to provide the community. Thanks. Quick question though: Are there ways to export these retool studio apps so we can edit/examine them (without rebuilding from scratch)? I don't think I saw them as templates anywhere.


great job, Can these two examples export JSON?