[Post event] Retool developer day winter 2024

Hey folks! Hope everyone enjoyed Developer Day! If you want to chat about anything post event or ask additional questions, feel free to do so here.

Thanks again for being part of the community!


I wanted to share some links and replies we didn’t get to (we’ll continue updating these throughout the next day or two).

Release cadence

We announced we’ll have stable and edge release channels going forward for self-hosted Retool. You can learn more about which is right for you in our docs: Self-hosted Retool releases | Retool Docs


Custom components

Custom components will be in public beta in the next couple weeks for both cloud and self-host. Before we hit public beta, you can sign up on the waitlist as we let more folks in: https://retoolin.tryretool.com/form/bebc4c81-a779-42d7-85db-5ef7573f0ce6.

The docs for the feature are available here: https://docs.retool.com/apps/web/guides/components/custom-components-beta.

Custom libraries

Custom libraries will be in public beta soon, but if you’re interested in trying it out ahead of time, you can sign up in here: https://retool.typeform.com/to/k8DjeYCg (which I hope is our last typeform before everything is a Retool Form :rocket:)

Docs and resources


If you want to check out the CLI, it’s here on GitHub: GitHub - tryretool/retool-cli

Retool Spaces

If you’re looking to learn more about Retool Spaces you can check out our docs: Configure Spaces | Retool Docs

Retool Forms

To learn more about forms, check out the updated docs: Build standalone forms | Retool Docs



What version will Spaces be available in for self-hosted?

3.33 quarterly release

Is there a limit on the number of spaces?

There is not a restriction on the number of spaces.

Retool University

Can you give us more info on Retool University?

Retool Education Portal is under development with a small private beta kicking off in the near future so that we can collect feedback and improve the experience and content. In addition to the Education Portal we’ll be developing hands on labs / guides to help improve your knowledge across Architect, Administrator and Developer personas. When we’re beginning to accept signups, we’ll share in a post on the Community Forum.


Web apps built on retool are not responsive when viewed on mobile devices via browser.
Currently, i have to build a mobile app version of the same app which is very time consuming. Do you have any plans to have a more native responsive engine for web apps?

Responsive containers for web we’re calling stacks are in development currently. We hope to have something in an early beta stage soon, so keep your eyes out on the community forum.


Any progress on testing suites in Retool?

We plan to publish a guide in our Docs in the next few weeks or so that will outline best practices for testing Retool with webdrivers like Cypress and Playwright. For customers using source control, we're also making it possible to include webdriver tests on CI.


Is retool hiring?

Yes! Go to Careers!


Is spaces also meant for external apps/users?

Hey! Spaces is a great way to isolate user groups (who can very well be different pools of external users). If your clients have different needs or use cases, Spaces is a great way to make sure that each group interacts with different apps, resources, and Workflows.

As a follow-on to the Spaces work, we're working on making sharing objects across Spaces seamless—things like Modules, Resources, Queries, and more. Stay tuned!

I thought I heard something about multi-screen applications. Did I hear right?

@matthewisabel Could we get web driver testing set up for our org?

If you are on the latest stable release 3.33 or Cloud, you can follow our guide here: Write Webdriver Tests | Retool Docs

Ah, thank you. My mistake. I saw that documentation page and thought something needed to be enabled for us to try it out. Much appreciated.

Hey @Taka_Binancio, multipage is in active development. Be on the lookout for new updates soon! :eyes: