Retool API access and self hosted Retool instance

Hi Stefan,

We have self hosted Retool instance. Is it possible to call the Retool API (exposed via self hosted Retool app) from an external app running on AWS Cloud?. If not, what config changes should I make in AWS Cloud or in self hosted Retool instance?


Hey @Parthib_Rathinam! What exactly are you looking to do via API?

The two main endpoints you can hit are Retool Workflows and the resource management API currently in beta (documented here). Those links have additional information about how you can set them up. If you're trying to do something different let me know!

Hi Kabirdas,

I want to pass parameters from external app (non-Retool) via Retool webhook, then Retool app receive these parameters and parse it then build a sequence of steps (logic) to write to postgresql in Retool.

I tested in Retool cloud , I can receive parameters through webhook (tested in Postman).

But we are using self-hosted Retool instance, my admin unable to setup workflow in it. will your team help my admin to setup workflows in our instance?.

The best general advice I have is to look at these docs on deploying Workflows for self-hosted environments. It varies a bit depending on where you're hosting Retool, is it also in AWS?

If your admin reaches out to us we'll definitely try and help! They can post here as well or reach out directly via

Hi Kabirdas,

I have emailed to, it seems our current license does not include workflows. Nica from support asked me last 4 digits of our license key, Will provide her soon.

I have also shared our two use cases to Nica which involves connecting to external app (non-Retool) for receiving data from external app and build logic and write to Retool db as well replicating this table back to external app db.

Due to budget constraint, we cannot buy license for workflows (self-hosted), what other option(s) available to connect to external app and fetch data?


At the moment, Workflows is the only method I'm aware of that allows you to retrieve data from Retool via an external request :pensive: