Workflows on selfhosted?

Hey there

We've had access to the Workflows beta on the cloud-hosted version of Retool for a few months now, and have been exploring different possible ways of using it.

Would it be possible to extend this access to our self-hosted instance at all? We have had to lockdown certain datasources for security purposes so can't use the cloud-hosted version anymore :<



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Hey @will_root!

Sorry to hear you were cut off from using the feature when it was going so well. We currently don't offer workflows for self-hosted instances though that is certainly in the pipeline! You can sign up your organization via the same landing page in order to get on our self-hosted waitlist.

Do you have a list of all of the products you have in beta :-)? I know about Mobile and Workflows, are there anything else in the works?

We're deciding if we're running all our ops on Retool, and for us to make that decision, it's immensely helpful to understand where your priorities are and in which direction you're headed.

Yep! The largest other one in the works right now is Retool Database, have you gotten to take a look at that as well?

Ah, yes! However, until you offer EU data locality, it's not very useful for me :-).

Totally understandable! The team is focusing on NA at the moment but hopefully that is something that will be available down the line :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, as a side note, there's one more product being developed that you might want to check out @jonathanbredo! Retool API

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omg yeeesssssss i was looking for this the other day!

Do you know when Workflows might be available for self-hosted environments?

There's a target release of Q1 2023!

Will Retool Databases be added to self-hosted eventually?

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Hey @jimhuds!

We currently have a waitlist for access to RetoolDB on self-hosted, if you're willing to share more about your use case I can add you to it :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello, I would like to be part of it :slight_smile:

Any updates on when workflows will be available on self-hosted?

Hey there @mwh22! The team is currently working on delivering it to folks though when you'll be able to access depends partly on how you have Retool deployed and, unfortunately, some won't see it before the end of the quarter. The best thing you can do at the moment is to fill out this Typeform to help coordinate getting access :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey @mwh22 ! Any update on this?

Hi @Kabirdas , just started using Retool, what an amazing product. :raised_hands:t4:
Today is anniversary of this post re: workflows in self-hosted. Any updates on this? Thank you!

@tkk , welcome, workflows is already available on self hosted, but you’ll need to turn it on by editing the docker-compose file. See Here for details