Executing stored procedures in Retool


I have requirement to execute a stored procedure when external system call Retool API, is it possible?. if yes, can you please share some demo or code snippets.?

Thank you so much.

Hey Parthib,

Perhaps you can create logic in Workflows and call it via webhook.

Let me know if this helps!

Hi Stefan,

Sure, I will try out. Thanks.

We are using self-hosted Retool. I believe there is no workflow/webhook enabled for self-hosted. Any alternative solution?.

Basically we want to pass parameters from external app (non-Retool) by posting to Retool, then Retool app receive these parameters and parse it then build a sequence of steps to write to postgresql in Retool.

Hey there again!

As far as I know workflows are available for self-hosted however I'm not sure if they need to be enabled by support or additionally set up.

Please contact support directly so they can help you out with this!

Yes, let us know how we can help! How did you deploy Retool? The workflows on prem docs are here: https://docs.retool.com/docs/workflows-deployment