Enterprise Google Drive Sharing

I'm new and having trouble figuring out how to get the OAuth 2.0 to show access to our enterprise account Google Sheets that we share across our team in a Shared Drive environment. It appears that only "My Drive" files are accessible and therefore the files needing to connect are in the offering.

We could redeploy the dozens of sheets we use to one user to house, but that seems harsh. What am I missing?

Hey @oohcvo!

It doesn't sound like you're missing anything. Support for Shared Drive has yet to be added to the Google Sheets integration. It's a request that has come up before and I can let you know here if it's included!

Ok thanks for the clarification.

We set up several sheets in a dedicated folder on one person’s My Drive, shared it with the several users that manage them, then did a short cut back to the Shared Drive for the entire team. This worked but has a drawback. Any sheet that was shared with the person whose My Drive was used populates the edit UI for sheets available. Not great at all any we couldn’t find a way to work around it other than by searching for the sensitive sheet and then UN sharing it - we moved to a dedicated Share Drive in that case.

Suggestion - limit the “visibility” of the OAuth somehow to just a folder level if possible. This may be the difficulty with the general shared drives as well.

Again thanks for the reply and we hope to keep moving forward with our efforts.

Got it, thanks for the feedback! Have you already explored using service account auth? I wonder how well that might work as an intermediate solution.

We have been tinkering with the service accounts auth and gotten some results testing. We’re able to begin using the tools and functionality of Retool and getting to the next steps. We’re probably going to use a combination of resourcing depending on speed of retrieval and original sourcing.

Thanks for your suggestion.

Hey folks!

There's a new experimental feature flag to enable Shared Drive support for Google Sheets :tada: If it's something you're interested in trying out feel free to reach out to us at support@retool.com.