How do I create a Google Sheet in a specific folder?

I have my Google Sheet integration setup for my prototype app, but it currently is dumping all my test sheets right at the root of my Google Drive. I would prefer to separate it out such that all the Retool-generated sheets live within a specified folder within my Google drive. Is this possible? I was checking docs and did some Googling but couldn't find a way to specify where Retool will create the sheet.

Hi @Steffan! It doesn't look like it's built into our Google Sheets integration currently :disappointed:

We have a related feature request here if you want to add a +1 for visibility

Hi there :slight_smile:

Any updates on that ?

Thanks !

Hi @Gabriel_Ferrier,

Thanks for checking in! We haven't yet added this functionality.

That said, you may be able to accomplish this with the REST API integration instead of using our Google Sheets Integration

Here is one example of using the Google API to create a new spreadsheet directly in a folder (i.e. parent) called "Retool"

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That was very helpful ! Thank you @Tess :slight_smile: