Resource connection Error

There was an error trying to retrieve some metadata. For some resources, like Google Sheets, this is optional, but some behavior may not work as expected.
I got this error in Firebase resource connection.
Please help me

Hello. Where did you receive this error? While setting up the Resource or somewhere else? Did you follow these instructions when setting up your Firebase Resource?

Thank you,

Hi. Thanks for your message.
I followed these instructions.
But I couldn't solve this problem.

My assumption (without actually seeing the setup) is that the service account you're using doesn't have the proper permissions to access the resources.

Just make things clearer for this thread, which resources are you needed to access, Firestore? Anything else?

please check my error image.

are you there?
so could you solve this issue for me?

Like I mentioned early it appears that it might be a permissions issue. Ensure the service account you're using in your configured resources has the needed permissions.

From the resource configuration screen, if you click "test connection" does it respond as "successful"?

Also found this forum post

Thanks for your support.

From the resource configuration screen, if you click "test connection" does it respond as "successful"?

anyway thanks.
I will try. :+1:

Hey @Petro_Havryliuk! For a little more context here - are any of your queries to that resource failing?

Failed the Firebase resource connection.

:thinking: from what I can see in the screenshots things look right. I'm wondering how you have your service account set up and how exactly you copied over the private key. More screenshots of those parts of the process would be great but I can imagine you might not want to share them publicly :sweat_smile:

If you'd be willing to share them with us directly you can do so from within your Retool app or via DMs.

Otherwise, I'm curious to know if you get a different error message when you try to run a particular query. Or if different queries return different errors.