Request for a switch-to-markdown viewer/editor in Rich Text Editor Component

We have nontechnical content teams that occasionally copy & paste content from other sources into the Rich Text Editor, which drops invisible markdown that results in undesired styling, and is hard to debug and rectify. As a workaround we tell our teams to remove all styling after pasting using the topright-most option in the toolbar and restyle the text.

However, it would be helpful for a "switch to markdown" button or similar on the toolbar that would allow folks to view the final markdown, and even more helpful if one could edit said markdown and switch back to the rich text view to see the output.

Apologies if such a capability already exists and I'm just unable to locate it.

Hello @Bred,

Your suggestion of a markdown toggle is constructive and could be helpful for many users in managing and rectifying undesired styling issues.

We have a number of Rich-Text Editor improvements in the works - and I will submit this as an additional specific request to ensure your voice is heard.