Extend rich text editor component

It would be great to have the ability to extend the rich text editor to include additional formatting options. Ideally, using selectable options on the component properties. An example would be the option to add subscript and superscript formatting.

Our use case requires frequent use of options that are not currently available in the rich text editor. That forces us to use something like TinyMCE or Quill in a custom component or have our users format text outside of Retool and copy it into the tool.

Hi @derekchisholm, welcome to the fam :hugs:

I agree! would be cool to natively have all of quills formatting features.

If you need something for right now, the editor component uses quill. You can create a custom component and customize it as you want :v:

Appreciate the confirmation and warm welcome!

I thought it looked a lot like Quill. Until Retool gives us options to extend the built in component, I'll be developing a custom component.

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