Removing item from listView does not remove it from validation

  • Goal: Have a list of inputs in a form that I can add and remove from.

  • Steps: Created a form with a list view inside of it. The list view's data source is a variable which I set to an array of objects. Each item is rendered as a container with a required text area and a delete button. The delete button sets the variable equal to a new array sans the item for the given index. The UI updates but I can see that the form field still exists in the state. When I try to submit the form it throws the Invalid event even though the form "invalid" state is false.

  • Details: I am using the cloud version

  • Screenshots:
    Here you can see only one component on the view but two in the state and the second is invalid after I submit.

Here you can see that the form is valid but throws the "Invalid" event.


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Is there another way to submit this bug so it gets fixed?

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@Erik_Murphy gonna load your example and see if i can hack something while you wait for a fix, try pinging retool staff with an @

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@retool_team Can y'all look at this bug?

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