ListView doesnt rerender or refresh input fields with fresh data

I am using a multiview container lets say container A and container B, A has a table and B has a listview repeater.

when i click a row in the table i am pulling the data of that row from currentSourceRow method to loop through its data which will be shown in the listview grid in repeaster format, and I set the container's view key to B so my users can see the details of from that row into listview in repeating format.

I have input field inside my listview and a save button which is prepopulated by a default value received, lets say ex. "7", from the source row data that the user just clicked. the intension to do this is to provide the user to change that fields data inside the listview.

now the issue is when the list view is first loaded with the row's data everything is perfect.
if the user changed the value and clicks the save button, i am able to get these value and save it. but if the user changes the value, lets say to "5" in the input field but doesn't save, and goes back to container view A and clicks another row from the table, then the listview shows new data from the new row selected, but the default value from the input box remains the same that is "5".

there is no method to reinitiate or rerender the listview or the input field.

I have the primary key of the listview set correctly.

i tried to save the row's data to a state variable first and then assign this variable as the listview's data sourrce, so that when i change the variable's values, the state should change, but still in this case as well, the input field shows "5" which is the first user changed value.

please help me :frowning:

Thank you for finding a similar issue to leave a note in!

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