Reload table based on event handler

I want to refresh the contents of a table that already has data, based on a click in another table.

The agg_drill_down_domain needs to populate the drillDowntable after there is a selection from table cert_agg_down

Initially, the drillDowntable has value {{orgNameSearch.value.length > 0 ? :}}

After the click it needs to discard that value & populate the data from agg_drill_down_domain query


I would try not to refresh but run the related query of the table.

Create a JS variable to keep track of if a selection is made in `cert_agg_down`. This can simply be a variable keeping track of a boolean. After the selection in `cert_agg_down`, trigger a JS query that updates the value of the JS variable that you made. Leverage the `setValue` function to set a new value for your variable. Add a trigger, on completion of the JS query, that refreshes the `drillDowntable` component.

You should use 1 query to populate `drillDowntable’ that uses the JS variable you created to output the expected value. This query should output a value for when a selection in `cert_agg_down` is made (tracked by your JS variable) and another for when the selection is not made (again tracked by your JS variable).