Recurring events in calendar

Has anyone been able to get recurring events to work in the retool calendar component?

Hello, could you offer more detail? screenshot?

We have events that recur until they are cancelled, so this is the solution I came up with. We will see if it works with scale. It would be great if there was a way to mark and event as recurring and then have an action item populate the recur events when some switches views. (If I am looking at my recurring events in September, they would populate in the next month only when, I click to view it)

const oneWeek = 7 * 24 * 60 * 60 * 1000;  // milliseconds in a week

let eventIds = [];
let first_lesson = [];
let eventTitles = [];
let endTimes = [];
let groupIds = [];

const studentFirstNames = {{}};
const studentLastNames = {{}};
const openingTimesTo = {{}};
const groupIdsByIndex = {{}};

{{}}.forEach((dateStr, idx) => {
    let currentEventDate = new Date(dateStr);
    const endOfTheYear = new Date(currentEventDate.getFullYear() + 1, 0, 1); // January 1 of the next year

    const eventTitle = `${studentFirstNames[idx]} ${studentLastNames[idx]}`;

    while (currentEventDate < endOfTheYear) {

        // Create the end time
        const [hours, minutes, seconds] = openingTimesTo[idx].split(":").map(Number);
        let endTime = new Date(currentEventDate);

        // Push the group ID

        currentEventDate = new Date(currentEventDate.getTime() + oneWeek);

return {
    event_ids: eventIds,
    first_lesson: first_lesson,
    event_titles: eventTitles,
    end_times: endTimes,
    group_ids: groupIds

Hi there! It looks like this needs to be done programmatically, as you've demonstrated :thinking: Thanks for sharing your current solution!

I don't see an event handler for view changes, but you could have a query that is filtered for only events that happen during the components selected view & then have it re-trigger as the view changes

Tess thanks for getting back = )
Totally had some help from chatGPT on that one as you can tell ; )

That approach makes a lot of sense!

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