Retool Mobile 'Calendar' View

So I was really wanting to have a 'calendar' view on retool mobile - and was not super please with having to essentially launch a url that redirect to a retool desktop app in 'mobile' view.

so, i got creative...

Essentially, this is alot of Containers/Text/button elements, with some javascript behind it keeping track of everything as a 6 week calendar[Array with 42 indeces that i attach to control the elements numbers, etc.]. Take a look, and if you are more curious, i can get into some of the details! I think its quite workable for now untill a native component is released!




Looks great, we have something almost identical except where you have the bell icon we put a number representing how many events are on that date and we have 5-15 events per day at the moment. When you click you expand to the list of events then you can click on that specific event to get detailed information just like on your version

Yeah, the only reason im not using a numeric indicator for number of events is i just didnt like the look of so many numbers all over the place. like you said, just clicking on the day will show a listview of all events for that day that they can then drill down into.

Glad to hear I'm not the only one looking for a component like this - maybe one day we'll get one!

Before the last calendar update we had the exact same thing for web also. Had to build our own calendar using containers and containers and containers. They heard our cries for help and gave us one. I'm sure one will be coming for mobile soon too!