Rearrange panels, multiple window and multi-monitor support redux

With the recent addition of the Debug Tools and Explorer Window, we now have more panels/windows to manage, so I figure now was a good time to re-request better and more flexible pane;/window management options.

As always my model is Visual Studio where you can put anything anywhere, have multiple edit windows, put different panels within different tab groups and have the panels either docked to the main window or in separate windows making multi-monitor support possible.

I realize that allowing multiple window (aka multi-tab) support may be the hardest to enable, a flexible and customizable panel layout is a much more realistic short term goal and would be greatly appreciated!


Hey, @bradlymathews we appreciate your detailed feedback. We have a couple of feature requests that have been created for these recommendations. As soon as we have some updates on these we will share them with the community!


9000% more flexible layout would be greatly appreciated. Multi-tab or Desktop app would be ideal, but ill take what I can get. There was a webinar a few days ago where the person hosting (I apologize I forgot his name) had the mobile screen like 2" x 2" while he was working on it and it was a pretty basic app. If him leaning in and squinting to see what he was working on doesn't illustrate that perfectly I don't think anything will.

Yes! I would love to have this ability. +1 For sure

Yup. Yup yup yup. Please do this

Must add feature

Exciting update! We now support a full screen query editor and the canvas as a pinned tab. This should go live with our next Cloud deploy under a feature flag. Let me know if interested! :raised_hands:

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Looks like it missed the latest deploy? Or do I need to enable it somewhere?

(Excitedly waiting!)

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Edited my reply to note that this is under a feature flag (sorry for the delay, I wanted to make sure we were allowed to enable this flag for users. Got too excited to announce :sweat_smile: )

With that said, I believe we're okay to enable the flag on a case by case basis so let me know your subdomain and I'll share it with the eng team in charge!

I've been using it with one client project for a couple of days and I am liking it so far!