Question about module READMEs

Hi there,

I'm a new ReTool user, and have a module with a README containing instructions for using the module in another app. If a user embeds that module in their app, is there any way to access that README from their app? Right now, I have a note in the description referring them to the module's README, but it would be great if there were a direct link the user could click on without having to navigate to the module itself.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @dLars99, A module's README isn't accessible from parent apps where that module is used. I think this feature would be a good addition to Retool and I'll go ahead and change this to a feature request to help gauge interest in this feature from the wider community. In the meantime, I would suggest adding a modal to your module that contains a Text component with the README content. I hope this helps!

@everett_smith That sounds great, thank you!