Query triggers when its Disable Query parameters change though the query watched inputs do not

I have a Disable query condition set on a query in a module:

Every time localStorage.filesActiveFlag changes the query triggers. This is not the behavior I would intuitively expect.

Here is my query:

I would expect the query to trigger when {{projectData.value.project_id}} changes but only when localStorage.values?.filesActiveFlag is true.

I set Watched Inputs to {{projectData.value.project_id}} but that had no effect (that parameter does not seem to do anything anytime I have tried t use it.)

I think this might be a bug that we know about, but are hesitating to fix because of how a number of users are relying on this "functionality" :sweat: I remember talking to Garrett (our previous head of product for the App Building team) about this bug when it first arose.

Changing the disable query statement to not involve the localStorage variable is *I think* the best workaround for now

Yeah, the only thing I could do in the end was change the query to Manual and add a "Load Table" button. Subsequent CRUD action refresh the query as usual.