Writing to Google sheets from public retool app

I'm currently exploring retool and will especially need the public sharing option. I connected a Google sheet to my app and the data is read correctly when I access a public app. However, when I try to work with a query consisting of append data to spreadsheet it won't execute on a public app. Is there any way to make this possible? I connect to the Google Sheet via OAuth. Would this functionality be available in case I use a service account to connect?

Thanks and kind regards

Hey HRR!

This should work, depending on how you've connected your Google Sheet. If you've hardcoded in your credentials (e.g. a service account as you've mentioned), all should be well :slight_smile:

This funky behavior is just because public apps don't have any sort of auth.

Great, thanks - will try that!

Awesome, let me know how it goes! :crossed_fingers:

It worked!

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I also created a public web-app where user can interact with publicly available information on a Google Sheets.
However, when shared, the app doesn’t display as some sort of authentification is required to interact with Google Sheets even if the sheet is public anyways.
How did you get this to work and hardcode the credentials?

Hi @nocode / Zéphir!

This should work once you set up Service Account auth in your Google Sheets resource. Have you been able to complete this step? Let me know if you have any questions!