Query Control - pass output to new query

Dear all,
i am super new to this. So sorry for stupid questions. I added a maria DB and query the database to get an ID. This is sucessfully done.
After that i want to fill a table with the output:
so i added a success handler for the query like this:

in the new query i can see the data, but it is not working with it:
if i paste the ID manually into the URL Parameter it is working correctly.
What i am doing wrong? :slight_smile:


I think you want to put {{ query3.data.deviceId['0'] }} in the new query to get the device ID. Probably worthwhile to read up to understand dot notation and array notation.

Hi Benbarry,
Thanks a lot :+1: it was not clear to me that this is an array. I managed to get the data.

Kind Regards