Preview as... {group} option

It would be great to be able to preview an applications as member of a specific user group. Currently, when I preview an application it is as a member of all the collective uer groups I am a part of. However, oftentimes I'll be implementing a feature for just the admin group or just the writer group and I want to ensure that 1) those groups have the proper privileges and 2) that members of the other groups that still have access to the apps don't have those privileges.

To do this now I need to keep going back to the users page and editing my own groups accordingly, which is cumbersome. It would be great if there was an option on the Preview button that said Preview as... {select user group} that would render the page as if you were only a member of that user group.


Hey @lsimon! Huge +1 from me. This would be great. I (and a few other Retool team members who saw this thread) shared your post in a few places internally for added visibility.

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Also +1 from me

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