Potential Bug in List view

I have been using a nested list view in a form to capture some data as a part of a content curation process. The issue is that the data filled in the child list view gets cleared on the first try but that is not the case when the same fields are filled for the second time. This generally happens when the number of rows in parent list view is more than 3 but not every time.

I wanted to upload a video for reference but the file uploader is not allowing that. Please help me resolve this issue.

Hey Bharath! That's super strange. Would it be alright if you if I stepped into your app to try taking a look at this behavior? If so, would you mind sharing your app's name?

Hi Victoria, please take a look. The name of the app is Content Curation - Record(V3).

Hey Bharath! I got a chance to step into your app today and can't seem to reproduce the issue. Would you mind sharing a screen recording of the problem? Sorry about all the wait here!

Hi Victoria, I have the video but couldn't upload it here. But please find the gdrive link video

Note: This video contains full walkthrough of the app without audio. You can skip to 6.54 to see the error.

Thank you for such a helpful video! I'm taking a look at your data source for the images and can't seem to find where the images are coming from.

addSno.data.roomTypes doesn't seem to have an image key anywhere for me, do you see the same?

Hi Victoria, there are some room types without images but not all the time. If you go through more room types, I'm sure you'll be able to find it. Attaching a screenshot for your reference.

Hey Bharath! I took another look and still can't seem to reproduce the issue, but was wondering if you've been able to set row keys like this?

Currently, when programmatically changing the length of the "Number of rows" of a list view, any components that are nested in the list view have their state reset. It involves a very cumbersome workaround to maintain a temporary state to save and then assign when a new row is added. It is quite complex to keep track of the index and the values of the components in that index.

Alternatively, if this is indeed the issue you're running into, setting row keys should fix the issue!

Hi Victoria, this is something I did not try, thanks for helping out. Will reach out if there's a further issue.

Of course! Let me know how it goes :slight_smile: I'm sorry you've been blocked on this for so long.