Populate Field Form Based on Current Form Input

Under the mapped value field, had to set it using the currentRow object...here's the screenshot...



New to retool...created a modal w/ a form that appends a record to a google sheets document. So we have a simple field that I want to auto populate called serviceLevel. This is a simple calculation as all you need to do is "1 - abandonment"...so if I entered 25% into the abandonment field, I'd want the serviceLevel field set to 75%. I've tried triggering a blur event when I move on to the field outside of abandonment, but it's not updating the form w/ the 75% value.

Here's the event I created....not sure what I'm doing wrong?

Hey @jdlev,

  1. You don't have to call {{formServiceLevel.value}} == as that's the point of the Value field.
  2. You'll have to add the entire calculation in your Value field inside curly brackets. e.g. {{ 1 - formAbandonment.value }}

Does that help?