Retool - Form - Add Field to Existing Form

I have a Form component that provides dropdown values to users to submit session logs. The data is added as a row to an existing table. It's working well!

However, I want to add a field to the existing form but cannot figure out how to do that.

Specifically, I want to add a hidden field using JavaScript moment() to capture timestamp_created (i.e. when the user submits the form).

Unfortunately, I have not been able to figure out how to do this in Retool and can't find this described anywhere in the docs or Community posts... my only working solution is to make a new form - but I definitely don't want to do that now that this is live! and don't want to lose all that work getting it setup right & validated.


Hello, you can just drag it into the form.

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@ryanrunchey You need to be in Edit mode as well and it appears that you are not.