Plot multiple points on map

Hi there,

I have the following JSON data set and am trying to plot all long/lats per item on the map but only focus/zoom/highlight the pin when I have a row selected in a table.

I appear to only be able to get one pin appear on the map (when selecting a row in a table) but I can't get all of the items to appear. I guess I'm lacking knowledge how to grab all the items in the result to be able to display them all.

Any help would be appreciated.

JSON Data:


Row Event Handler:

If you want to display all points on the map, you could pass the whole array to the points field in the mapbox settings instead of only adding the selected row.

  1. Click the Map
  2. Go to "Points"
  3. add {{ }} (the same query you use to feed the table)

There you go, all points should be displayed on the map! :slight_smile:


Bloomin' hell! That was easy :smiley: - thanks a lot!

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