Adding Hotjar to Retool

Hey, I'd like the Hotjar tracking code to Retool. However, it requires to be added to the element which Retool doesn't seem to support.

  1. Is there any other way to add it and connect Hotjar?
  2. If not are there any similar tools that Retool supports?


Hey @HRR!

That's correct, we currently don't support integrating Hotjar though it is something that has been requested before. At the moment, connecting to analytics vendors is also a feature exclusive to Enterprise plans. Is there something in particular that you're looking to track?

I would LOVE this. I use Retool as a UI for our API ( Being able to use Hotjar / Fullstory to see how our customers use the app and where they get stuck would be so so good.

Is this coming anytime soon?

Hey @xoel, no timeline at the moment, unfortunately, but we can let you know here when it's included! Thanks for adding your feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

We're currently trying to integrate hotjar inside a retool application too.
Are there any workarounds to integrate it ?


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