Persist apps despite connexion loss

We are experimenting retool mobile for our field forces. They might be using the app in context with no or unstable internet connexion.
Some of them are experimenting unstablilities and sometimes loosing access to the app (white screen with grey spinner loop forever).
It is extremely frustrating for some of our not-so-digital users.

Would it be possible store in Retool Mobile app an app release and enable access even without connexion?
Additionally to this request would it be possible to collect network status state ?

We would like to be able to configure fallback behaviors such as storing payloads in local file system and push them when connexion is restored.
Handling these mobile context seamlessly is quite critical for a lot of our real life use cases.

Despite these improvements thank you all for your amazing work with Retool Mobile!

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hi @antoine.meilliez welcome to the Retool community and thanks for your questions and feedback (and the love!). I will route your questions to our Mobile team, and will circle back with any concrete info to help you out-- and hopefully figure out a way to get Retool mobile to work for your users dealing with connectivity issues. Thanks in advance for your patience!

Hi @antoine.meilliez circling back here! For the first question around configuring fallback behavior, such as storing payloads locally and pushing them out when connection gets restored, we're working on that now and should be in beta for it early next year. Write-mode may take a bit longer to roll out, but read-only can happen sooner.

Regarding your second question about collecting the network status state of each user, there aren't any plans for this yet, but if you don't mind expanding more on your use case, our team is very interested to hear more to help with potentially supporting something like this in the future!

Hi Alina,

Thank you for your quick reply.
Not sure I've understood what you're refering to with "write-mode" & "read-only". Can you precise?

Regarding network status, I won't need it if Retool is handling smoothly network losses by postponing queries and informing the user.
If the app doesn't, I need to handle it by myself and so get the network status to send alerts, store payloads locally et trigger queries when the network is back.

Sure -- when I say "read or write-only," I'm referring to enabling your app to read or write data from your API/database. So the read-only mode would apply to accessing the app with limited connection (in read-mode). Hope this makes sense?

Make sense!
We are looking forward these developments to unlock new use cases!
Please let us know any if any update occured on this topic.