Allow collecting network status state or activating Write mode manually when users may have unstable internet connection

Hi! Im experiencing a similar problem [to this thread]. My users have unstable internet conection, therefore the 'Write-Only' is not working well, cause they have enough internet conection to work and not trigger the 'offline mode' but not to send some request that fail in the attempt. It would be very helpful to be able to collect the network status state or to activate manually the Write mode.

Hey @pedrowach ,

I made few small improvements on offline mode!

In upcoming release, we're introducing two new fields: "Interval" and "Timeout." These fields enable us to periodically check the network at intervals of X, and then transition to offline mode if the ping doesn't come back within provided Y timeout. (Default to 10 seconds interval and 5 seconds timeout)

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Excellent! thank you, this will improve the offline functionality for sure

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