"Path not found" when importing app via JSON


I have an app built, which I would like to import to an on-prem ReTool.
When importing the app I receive the following error "Page with that Path not found".

No more information. The App gets created and needs therefore to be deleted, since it is empty. After that I cannot import the app again, due to the uuid-bug on importing apps, see here:

For the moment I have built a fairly big app, which I am unable to use. :-/

Okay, with much try & error, I found the culprit.
Importing an app, which uses a module, which cannot created, due to an internal error with the plan, creates this error message, because the app tries to reference to a module, which could not be created.

Glad you found it :nerd_face: and thank you for posting the solution that worked for you!