Issues when import source code from retool cloud to self host

I just tried importing source code from the retool cloud to self-host. I have changed UUID and its success in importing.
But when I reopened the app again it did not show anything. I open another app normally. I have tried both JSON and Toolscript import, it still has issues
Please help me fix this issue.

Hi @Phu_Doan,

Could you share your export file with me? Feel free to DM me here or email me at adrianryan at retool dot com. I can then see if I can reproduce the issue and offer any pointers or solutions.

I can't share export file in message. Can you share details about your email ?

Sure thing. adrianryan at retool dot com. Thank you!

Sorry I can't share zip file through gmail. It blocked for security.

Hi @Phu_Doan, I'm afraid there's not a lot I can do to help you without more information.

Could you try sharing the files over something like dropbox or another secure file sharing service? Or posting some screenshots and further descriptions of the issue? As it is, there's just not enough information here. Thanks.

  • Adrian
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I just send message for you the link.

Thank you! I'll take a look here and get back to you soon.

Hi @Phu_Doan!

So looking at the exports you got me, what's going on is that there is a module that this app references that has not been imported yet. Here is the code for it in the main.rsx file:


The way to get around this is to first export this module, import it in the on-prem instance, and then import you app again. At that point this should work.

This will be true of any other apps with modules, you'll have to make sure all your modules are exported/imported first, then the apps.

This process is a bit unclear, especially given that other exported elements like resources don't have this same process associated with it. But hopefully this helps get you unstuck for now.

Just FYI, we're going on a company break after today, so if you run into more issues we might not reply until the new year. But please do tell me whether this works, and we can close everything out in the new year.


- Adrian